Confidentiality and Audiovisual Recording Agreement

Human Patient Simulators (HPS) are realistic manikins that have a programmable pathophysiological clinical presentation and corresponding responses to medications, tasks, interventions and communication. Scenarios are approximately 20- to 25-minute vignettes of a planned and structured patient presentation with the opportunity for learner to practice direct interactions and clinical interventions using the HPS. HPS manikin scenarios are created as a safe place for learners and faculty to explore multiple components of realistic patient care by actual participation.

I understand and agree to the following:

  1. HPS scenario work is a safe place for me to learn how to transfer didactic knowledge into appropriate and applied patient care based on the nursing and medical process, critical thinking, and team communication.
  2. HPS scenario work is part of my clinical learning experience.
  3. I will engage in and participate in HPS scenarios fully as a professional and treat simulation as a realistic patient care experience.
  4. During all HPS scenario work, I am committed to help support and guide my peers in a positive and professional manner. I will not use demeaning, mocking, or negative verbal, written, or body language about and scenario participant’s actions, thoughts, or behaviors during the simulation experience.
  5. I will observe strict patient and peer confidentiality about the scenario, team member actions and the debriefing discussions at all times.
  6. HPS scenario work may occur with the group divided into participants and observers. If I am an observer, I may be watching via a live video feed in a debrief room. I will be expected to observe as a professional and to participate fully during debriefing session.
  7. HPS scenario work is often videotaped for use during guided debriefing with participants immediately afterwards.
  8. Recordings of simulation scenarios are electronically stored after the debriefing for continued learning purposes and research but shall NOT be used for promotional or public display unless specifically requested and written permission is given.
  9. The simulation is an experiential learning experience and all scenario information is confidential. Any inappropriate viewing, discussion, or disclosure of the information is a violation of Simulation Lab policy of the Eleanor Mann School of Nursing.
  10. Sharing scenario experiences with fellow learners outside of the simulation lab will be considered cheating and will result in disciplinary action.

I am informed that there is continuous audiovisual recording in the simulation laboratory rooms and understand that, unless authorized by me, I will not be specifically identified and that the recordings are used for educational research or administrative purposes. No commercial use of these audiovisual recordings will be made without my permission. EMSON faculty do have permission to show the audiovisual recordings during debriefing for educational and teaching purposes.

Students must sign and return the Simulation Lab Policy Agreement form (PDF).