Fees and Expenses


Undergraduate nursing students are assessed tuition of $302.04 per credit hour. All students enrolled in approved U of A online programs pay this, in-state tuition, for courses, regardless of their residency.

Program Fees

Estimated Student Expenses — R.N. to B.S.N.

U of A Application Fee $40
Name Badge $20
Liability Insurance — practicums only $7.45 per course
Health Insurance — personal varies
Clinical Transportation varies
Library Fee — per credit hour $3.41 x 30
Network/Data Systems Fee — per credit hour $11.10 x 30
Off-campus Fee — per credit hour $30 x 30
Off-campus Facilities Fee— per credit hour $2 x 30
Nursing Pin — optional $50-$159
Graduation Fees $75
Global Campus Online Student Orientation Fee $50
Courses per Credit Hour $302.04 x 30
Clinical Practicum Fee per Credit Hour $145 x 2