Frequently Asked Questions

About the Master of Science in Nursing and the Doctor of Nursing Practice programs

Who should apply to the M.S.N. or D.N.P. programs at the University of Arkansas?

The nurse educator concentration is for those nurses who are interested in obtaining advanced knowledge and skill in teaching at the nurse generalist level.

When should I apply for the program?

Applications for the M.S.N. program can be submitted at any time to begin classes the following semester. Potential students would apply both at the Graduate School and the Eleanor Mann School of Nursing (master's program and doctoral program).

Applications for the doctoral program should be submitted prior to Feb. 15 to both the Graduate School and the School of Nursing (master's program and doctoral program). The D.N.P. program starts in the Summer semester. The Graduate Nursing Program will review those applications from Nov. 1 to Feb. 15.

What types of financial aid are available?

Financial support for master's degree students is available in the form of scholarships, loans, graduate assistantships and other mechanisms. Support for M.S.N. students also is available through the Nursing Faculty Loan Program. Additional financial aid information for all graduate students is available at the college and university websites.

When are courses offered?

Courses are offered through asynchronous distance education to accommodate full- and part-time students. Practicum hours with preceptors will be arranged.

How individualized are the M.S.N. and D.N.P. programs?

The faculty recognizes the uniqueness of individual students as adult learners and strives to provide flexible opportunities for learning. Students are encouraged to identify a population of interest to focus on throughout the program. Examples of populations include adults with particular illnesses (diabetes, heart disease), symptoms (fatigue, pain, skin integrity), type of care (end-of-life, acute), and age or gender (older adults, women, young adults).

Where can textbooks and other learning materials be found?

Students are responsible for purchasing their textbooks, which may be obtained through the University of Arkansas Bookstore, 616 N. Garland Ave., 479-575-2155 and textbook@uark.edu. Students also may choose to make educational purchases from the vendor of their choice.