R.N. to B.S.N. Online

The R.N. to B.S.N. online program provides the opportunity for a Registered Nurse with an associate's degree and diploma to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Holding a bachelor's degree improves the earning potential of nurses as well as their career advancement opportunities.

For more information or if you have questions, contact us at 479-575-6640 or OnlineRN@uark.edu.

Features of the Program

  • Courses taught by full-time faculty members
  • Program totally online; no campus visit required
  • Can be completed in one year (3-5 semester plans available)
  • Evidence-based practice will guide the development of a quality improvement project in an area of the student's interest. A student will collaborate with a mentor that reflects professional goals. This requires a total of 75 clinical hours.

Program Learning Outcomes

The goal of the B.S.N. program is to prepare graduates to provide culturally sensitive, evidence-based care to clients through the roles of caregiver, teacher and manager in a variety of settings.

  1. Contribute leadership to promote quality care and patient safety
  2. Integrate evolving knowledge into clinical nursing practice
  3. Demonstrate skill in utilizing healthcare technology and information systems
  4. Apply knowledge of healthcare policy, finance and regulatory environments to advocate for quality health care
  5. Collaborate with inter-professional teams to improve healthcare outcomes
  6. Provide health protection and promotion, risk reduction, and disease prevention to individuals, families and populations
  7. Demonstrate behaviors that reflect altruism, autonomy, human dignity, integrity and social justice
  8. Adapt nursing care to meet the needs of patients across the lifespan and healthcare continuum, respecting variations in populations, environments and access to care

Important Information

Interested in applying to the Eleanor Mann School of Nursing R.N. - B.S.N. Online Program?

  • The program accepts applications at any time.
  • Admission to the program is permitted year-round with starts offered in fall, spring and summer semesters —5 start options per year.
  • You must apply to the University of Arkansas where you check the appropriate boxes for this program, which will then populate the application with the nursing program questions (This is one application).
  • • Application processing can take 4 to 6 weeks. Select the start term to allow for this time frame.

R.N. - B.S.N. Online Program Admission Criteria:

  • University admission acceptance
  • Current Registered Nurses:
    • Maintenance of unencumbered R.N. licensure
    • Work Verification Letter — to include a minimum of 1,000 practice hours in the last 12-24 months  — form can be found in the application for U of A admission
  • Recent Nursing School Graduates:
    • NCLEX test date verification and testing outcome — new graduates can take up to 6 hours of nursing credits prior to licensure
    • Verification of good standing — form can be found in the application for U of A admission
  • Once admitted the advisor will evaluate general education requirements (prerequisites). It is preferred that all prerequisites are completed prior to beginning the nursing program courses, all of which are available online here at the U of A.